Premium Quality Holy Grail Kush


Premium Quality Holy Grail Kush



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Holy Grail Kush

Holy Grail Kush is an Indica dominant strain with a 60:40 Indica to Sativa ratio. Its potency is unmatched with a balanced 22% THC content.

Holy Grail Kush What is interesting about the strain is that it is the first of its kind to achieve a PERFECT score in its category: that being an Indica dominant hybrid strain. The strain is also popularly referred to as Holy Grail Kush and is a cross between Kosher Kush and the OG #18 and has a complex flavor that is unique at the same time.

Holy Grail Kush is extremely pleasure-inducing: both mentally and physically.

It makes you feel fantastic! There’s a tingly feeling all over your body that teases you along with an awesomely encouraging thrill in your chest. Ask Ash her thoughts on this strain. She loves talking about it.

This hybrid produces a more mellow relaxation than the melt-your-face-off Indica sensation the name might suggest. The aroma of this plant is pure kush and has a strong spicy citrus smell, both while growing and once harvested, that is uniquely complex.

Oh and don’t be shy to share this with your romantic partner. It makes for a great time.

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted
Medical: Stress, Pain, Depression

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This multi-awarded Kush variant is a very popular strain, especially among those who have come to appreciate the perfectly well-balanced Indica-dominant strains. Holy Grail Kush boasts of a unique blend of aromas, adding to its appeal and making it a thoroughly enjoyable nighttime smoke.

Information about Holy Grail Kush:

Holy Grail Kush is a fresh and fragrant award-winning hybrid created by DNA genetics. This Indica-dominant strain is known for its higher than average THC levels and ultra-relaxing effects, making it an easy choice for both recreational as well as medical cannabis users alike.

This strain is a supremely calming variant that has been proven to have successfully soothed a growing number of medical ailments. For this reason, and the fact that it is simply wildly enjoyable, that Holy Grail Kush has been awarded several prestigious awards, such as the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup and the 2012 Spannabis festival.

Information about Holy Grail Kush:

ORIGIN The OG #18 mixed with Kosher Kush
EFFECTS relaxed – 10
happy – 9
euphoric – 8
uplifted – 7
energetic – 4
dry eyes – 4
dizzy – 2
headache – 1
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE earthy, grassy, pine, pungent, woody
FLAVORS pine, sweet, woody, earthy, pungent, spicy, herbal
MEDICAL stress – 10
pain – 9
depression – 6
insomnia – 4
lack of appetite – 3
FLOWERING TIME INDOORS 9-10 weeks flowering flowering flowering flowering
CBD % 1.00%
INDICA / SATIVA % 60% / 40%
OUTDOOR YIELD 23oz/ plant
CLIMATE dry and sunny outdoor climate growth growth growth growth growth
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE resistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Holy Grail Kush is an Indica indica-dominant strain that is very pleasurable to smoke. This strain is all about the feel-good energy, kicking in subtly at first and then thoroughly spreading and manifesting itself into a thrilling and relaxing high, occupying the entire body and unwinding it.

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This beautiful indica’s effects can be felt all over, but it is rarely overbearing. Holy Grail Kush will make you feel instantly happy and inspired, with sudden yet consistent bursts of colorful euphoria, making it a solid choice if you are looking for a way to wind down after a long day of stress at the workplace.

Holy Grail Kush Effects
Holy Grail Kush Effects – Image powered by

Although Holy Grail Kush is mostly recommended as a nighttime strain, it can also be smoked during the day, as it is uplifting and can make you feel like being productive, unlike other indices. This strain will make you feel energized and lifted and will keep you in an inspired and soothed state of mind.


Holy Grail Kush has a distinct aroma, almost reminding you of a fresh cup of coffee. This Indica dominant hybrid smells of a fresh earthiness that contains hints of pine, along with a very obvious pungent presence. It can often smell like freshly cut grass too, with a bit of a woody note to boot.

Holy Grail Kush Fragrance
Holy Grail Kush Fragrance


This strain has a diverse range of flavors, which is why it is so special and unforgettable. Holy Grail Kush tastes like a sweet pine, mixed in with an earthy and woody aftertaste. A certain herbal spice can also be detected in its flavor, highlighted by a strong presence of a pungent earthiness.

Adverse Reaction

Holy Grail Kush has a few side effects although none of them are quite so serious, which is a surprising yet pleasant fact, considering its potency. This strain can in most cases cause a case of dry eyes as well as a dry mouth sensation, made worse by a feeling of being slightly dehydrated.

This Indica dominant strain can in some users cause a mild case of dizziness. Holy Grail Kush can at times also make you feel a little anxious and this is often accompanied by a slight headache, that thankfully rarely persists.


Holy Grail Kush has proven itself an ideal choice in medicating patients for an array of ailments. This Indica-dominant strain is a powerful stress-reliever, allowing long-suffering patients to enjoy a more carefree mood, without the side effects of the usual prescription medication that they are prescribed for their conditions.

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This strain has also been used successfully in treating a wide array of pain conditions, allowing patients to manage their aches better. Holy Grail Kush may help soothe muscle spasms, back pain, migraines, and headaches as well as other minor pinches and pains, making a difference in the patient’s overall quality of life.

Holy Grail Kush is also known to be effective in the treatment of several mood disorders. Because it is an uplifting strain, it may help those who suffer from depression, as well as insomnia. Cancer patients who may be suffering from a lack of appetite may help ease their nausea with the help of this strain, making it easier for them to avoid losing additional weight while undergoing treatment.


This strain is especially aromatic and should be concealed in its growing space and well-ventilated if you have any nosy neighbors. Holy Grail Kush has branches that can get quite heavy, and might need some help and support while they are flowering. All together this strain loves a good dose of nutrients and lots of sunlight.

Holy Grail Kush Growing
Holy Grail Kush Growing

Flowering Time


Holy Grail Kush grown indoors can be expected to yield an average of about 18 ounces of fresh bud per square meter planted. This strain will need around 9 to 10 weeks to flower and be ready for a harvest.


This strain can be expected to yield an average of 23 ounces of bud per harvest. Holy Grail Kush flowers throughout the summer and should be ready for a harvest around the middle of October.

Additional information


Oz, Qp, Hp, Ibs


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