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Best Quality Golden Goat Strain



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Golden Goat Strain

Strain Name: Golden Goat Strain for sale

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid.

Looks: The appearance of this joint was poor. The joint looked a little anemic and didn’t look to be packed correctly. The joint was appeared to be small and did not look great.

Smell: I was able to smell the cannabis, but this was a strain that could have sat open in my pocket and I wouldn’t have worried too much. The little smell there was did smell pleasant but the paper masked most of the smell, which is standard with most joints.

Taste: The taste was quite nice. This was a smooth smoke with zero burn feeling when. This is where the Golden Goat shines. A bright, clear, heady high that leaves me feeling euphoric and uplifted.

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Golden Goat is an exceptionally pretty flower that boasts of a very recognizable lime-green flower with long red hairs that are coated in trichomes. This Kansas-native Sativa is a great social smoke that is perfect for a night out with friends, socializing, and chatting the night away.

Info about Golden Goat:

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
70% / 30% 16 oz/ m2 14 ounces per plant 9-11 weeks indoors, late October outdoors.

This golden strain may have originated in Kansas, but it is in Colorado where Golden Goat is considered one of the finest and most popular strains available. This uber-Sativa is all about its infamous Sativa high that can give even the most lethargic of users, an uplifting and energizing boost.

Golden Goat was created by crossing a HawaiianRomulan with Island Sweet Skunk, entering the cannabis scene in 2012. To become an instant sensation, this strain now has maintained its popularity all over the west coast market, where it is regularly stocked due to its high demand. ThSativaiva-dominant strain is very potent and can often have a THC level of up to 23%.

Information about Golden Goat Strain:

ORIGIN Hawaiian Sativa, Romulan India, and Island Sweet Skunk sativa
EFFECTS happy – 10
euphoric – 9
uplifted – 9
relaxed – 8
energetic – 7
dry eyes – 6
paranoid – 3
anxious – 2
dizzy – 1
FRAGRANCE blueberry, earthy, sour, sweet citrus, dank, earthy, lemon, sweet
FLAVORS sweet, citrus, earthy, tropical
MEDICAL stress – 10
depression – 8
pain – 7
fatigue – 4
lack of appetite – 4
FLOWERING TIME INDOORS 9-11 weeks flowering flowering flowering flowering
THC CONTENT % 12%-23%
CBD % 0-0.06%
INDICA / SATIVA % 30% / 70%
OUTDOOR YIELD 14oz/ plant
CLIMATE warm and dry climate growth growth growth growth

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


This data is all about the full-bodied experience. Golden Goat is a true hybrid, giving you the ultimate best of both worlds. You will feel happy and be bowled over by its overwhelming state of euphoria, inducing laughter and giggles for no reason whatsoever.

We don’t currently sell Golden Goat seeds. Check out other Sativa dominant seeds in our marijuana seed bank.

Golden Goat is incredibly uplifting, named by many as the “happiest high” they have ever experienced. This data creates a great balance between a high-flying head high and a relaxing body high. It will leave you in a state of unwinding while having enough energy to still be up and about.

Golden Goat Strain Effects
The Incredible Golden Sativa Wonder

The head-to-toe body buzz this strain provides is almost psychedelic and will have you jumping out of your seat enjoying light visuals and a distinct cranial buzz. Golden Goat is sure to have you doing all the things you enjoy doing, all while mindfully floating with lightness and a relaxed mind.


Golden Goat is an aromatic sensation, filling the room with a dank citrus fragrance that will fill the room instantly. This data is both earthy and sweet and distinctly hints at the sweet lemon flavors that are sure to entice you.


This sativa’s smoke has a very fruity-sweet taste, that resembles its aroma very closely. Golden Goat unveils its deeply Hawaiian roots, with its tropical fresh flavor, reminding you strongly of its distinct parentage. This strain will leave a sweet and citrus taste on your tongue, long after smoking it.

Adverse reactions

Golden Goat is a strong Sativa, which might not sit well with some users, who aren’t used to its potent energizing effects. This may cause paranoia in some, and sometimes, this may also translate into a mild case of anxiety.

Golden Goat Strain Advers Reaction
Golden Goat Adverse ReactionImage powered by

For some, this strain may cause some dizziness, however, the most common side effect of this data is a dry mouth sensation. You may feel slightly dehydrated with Golden Goat, and this may be accompanied by a case of dry mouth too.

We don’t currently sell Golden Goat seeds. Check out other Sativa dominant seeds in our marijuana seed bank.


Golden Goat is popular not only among amateurs and veterans alike but also among patients. Doctors like to prescribe this strain due to its effectiveness in managing many debilitating illnesses. Patients who suffer from fatigue may find the boost of energy they need to get through their day, by smoking this strain.

Stress-sufferers and depressive patients have lauded this Sativa for being effective in the treatment against their symptoms. Golden Goat has also successfully helped those who deal with several pain issues, such as joint pains and migraines, allowing them to go about their day as normal.

Cancer patients commonly suffer from a loss of appetite due to  nausea that is often caused by chemical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Golden Goat can help induce a healthier appetite, and allow these patients to eat normally again, reducing the risk of weight loss greatly.


This tall plant needs a lot of space to grow and stretch out its roots. Golden Goat likes a warm and dry outdoor climate to relish in the outdoors. This data is highly resistant to regular molds and mildews and also isn’t susceptible to pests and parasites.

The Growing Strain Of Golden Goat
The Growing Strain Of Golden Goat

Flowering Time


Golden Goat smells very dank and often diesel-like, so be sure to be ready for that smell to take over everything. This strain can yield around an average of 16 ounces per square plant and can be expected to take an average of 9 to 11 weeks to flourish and be ready for a harvest.


This strain prefers a controlled amount of fertilizer, thriving in warm and sunny outdoor environments. Golden Goat can yield around an average of 14 ounces per plant, and is generally expected to be ready for a generous harvest around late October.


  1. Hawaiian
  2. Romulan
  3. Island Sweet Skunk

FAQ About Golden Goat Strain

What is the Golden Goat strain yield?

Golden Goat yields 16 oz/ m2 indoors and 14 ounces per plant outdoors.

How much THC does Golden Goat have?

From 12% up to 23% THC.

What are the origins of the Golden Goat strain?

Golden Goat was created from a mix between Hawaiian Sativa, Romulan India, and Island Sweet Skunk Sativa.

THC Content











Golden Goat has a high that creeps up gradually instead of hitting users right away. It begins as a buzzy sativa-like high marked by altered perception; users may sense a magnification of their surroundings with sharper sounds and enhanced colors. In a short amount of time, though, this sensory distortion mellows out into physical relaxation.

Users feel a kind of calm radiating from the neck down through the limbs, which allows for a grounding that stops the Sativa side of the high from becoming too disorienting. Although relaxing, the body stone from Golden Goat isn’t so heavy that it will induce couchlock — smokers can still be as mobile as they’d like, making this a great strain for daytime or nighttime use.

Golden Goat has some medical benefits as well, conferred by small amounts of the cannabinoid CBD as well as by the sedative Indica effects.

The simultaneous feelings of emotional uplift and physical relaxation can help regulate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, or even PTSD. Its mildly painkilling effects can also be useful for relieving chronic aches and pains.

Finally, if consumed in large enough doses, Golden Goat can provide the full sedative effects necessary to put users into a restful sleep, thus tempering the difficult symptoms of insomnia. Although its high tends to be shorter than average, lasting between 1.5 to 2.5 hours, Golden Goat’s high THC content may lead some to moderate their dosage — a little bit can go a long way.

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Oz, Qp, Hp, Ibs


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