Popular Questions​

Due to the recent influx of medical weed online dispensaries, we have been receiving this question on a regular basis. YES, Trappy Exotics is a legit medical marijuana online dispensary, operating out of Colorado with worldwide mail-order marijuana services.

Since our expansion to encompass shipping to over 103 countries, we have had a 96% success rate. Our high success rate is due to our cautious and discrete approach to all orders placed on our site. We ensure to use highly discreet and untraceable routes and payment methods for every weed order placed.

Shipping duration varies greatly with location, weather and quantity ordered. On average, domestic delivery (USA & Canada) takes between 2-4 days with a 24 hours order processing time. International deliveries take a maximum of 8 days. In extraordinary cases where there is a delay, we will always keep you updated.

Depending on the order quantity and your location, we take between 8 – 24 hours to process and package your cannabis order. A more accurate time frame will be provided when you place an order.

Please contact us immediately we will deliver another one. We have a 7 days reship window if your package arrives with a broken seal or lower quality.

For every order placed with us, we have a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If your order fails to arrive in a 14 hours window, we will issue a Full Refund/Reship as per your preference.